We’re friendly, helpful, and really good at translating tech for you in a way you can understand. Here's how we can work with you.

Step 1:
Know where you are

Before we start, we need to understand where you’re starting from. We begin our work by performing an audit on your existing website and digital footprint, and talking with you. We learn about your business, your history, and where you want to go. Then we outline the goals for the digital project, ensuring that they align with your business goals. We also determine a measurement plan, so we'll know how to gauge your success once the project is complete.

Step 2:
Set the course

After we clearly understand where we want to go, we’ll determine your organization's technical needs. This results in a document that accurately describes the digital project in the correct technical language that prospective vendors will understand. Some of our clients use this document as a Request for Proposals to solicit quotes from vendors.

Step 3:
Take action

North Coast Group does not offer website or digital marketing services, but we will help you find the right service provider. We work as an independent third party alongside you and digital firms. Websites and digital marketing can be a big investment, and we make sure your strategic interests are protected.

We are on your side, and we advocate for you.

While your website or digital project is being designed, developed, planned or executed, we can:

  • evaluate proposals, quotes and contracts sent from vendors. We’ll advise you on what's correct, what's missing, and what's just plain BS
  • attend key meetings with you and your technical team so we can interpret the technical language for you
  • meet with you at benchmarks throughout your website or digital marketing process, to ensure you’re staying on track and on goal

As independent consultants, our only motivation is to see you succeed. We won’t push you towards a particular technical solution because it will result in higher fees for a vendor. Through the entire website process, we're on your side.

Step 4:

After the launch of a new website or digital project, it can feel like the job is done. But really, it's just beginning. Now that your new initiative is out in the world, it's time to watch and evaluate its performance. We’ll help you monitor digital analytics and key metrics, and measure back against the goals we set in Step 1. If a change of course is necessary, we’re available to guide you through that as well.