We bridge the distance between business goals and technology solutions through our unique suite of services.

Website Advisory

North Coast Group draws on years of experience from working as web designers and web developers. We’ve designed, built and launched hundreds of websites, and seen first-hand the challenges that small business owners face when working through a website project.

If you’re planning a new website, a tune-up or full overhaul of an existing site, we can help in a number of ways. Here's our regular process.

Digital Marketing Consulting

North Coast Group's services extend beyond website advice. We can also consult with you on your digital marketing strategy. We’ll help you identify which key performance indicators and metrics you should keep an eye on, and which you can ignore. We’ll interpret your web and digital analytics for actionable insights. We can help you build a digital marketing plan, and give advice on what amount of budget is reasonable to spend on digital services, at different stages of your business growth. We’ll measure your digital marketing efforts against your business goals, so you can change course as necessary. Read more about how we work.

Software and Integrations Advisory

The amount of different software solutions needed to run a modern business can make your head spin. We can advise you on which software is right for your business, often saving you money by cutting licensing and subscription fees for what you don't need. Once we have the perfect lineup of software and apps in place for your business, we'll give you tips on how they integrate with your legacy systems and workflow. 

Accessibility Auditing

North Coast Group's team of expert web developers can audit your website to ensure it’s compliant with AODA accessibility legislation, and help you create an action plan to set you on the road to compliance. 

GDPR and CASL Compliance Consulting

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, in Europe) have strict rules about what personal data can be collected and used through your website and digital marketing. We can cut through the legal mumbo jumbo and explain the rules to you in plain language, helping you determine what changes your organization may need to make to comply with the law.