We work with small and medium-size business owners, administrators for charities and non-profits, and nice people.

You're our ideal client if:

  • you're worried about spending a lot of money on tech, and you're not sure how you'll get a return on your investment
  • you suspect digital agencies are going to lead you towards a solution that will benefit them, not you
  • you've looked at digital agencies and tech company's websites, and can't tell the difference between them
  • you barely survived your organization's last website redesign and you still have PTSD 
  • you don't know who to trust and wish you had a friendly tech coach to guide you

North Coast Group clients trust us to look out for them. We protect your investment and make sure your money is well spent on tech.  

We're independent advisors, and platform agnostic. We won't guide you towards a certain solution because it benefits us. Our only goal is to see you succeed.


Clients we've worked with:

Art Canada Institute
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Snob (home goods boutique)
St Lawrence Centre for the Arts
Streetcar Developments
Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy
The Marquee Group
Toronto Bodyworks
Toronto Fringe Festival